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simple 3 step process
request invitation
Every business owner approaches things a little bit differently, so it's not one size fits all...  A no hassle, no pressure phone call where you get to know us, and we get to understand you and your goals.
combine forces
Planning and equipping for the mission.  This is where we play to each others strengths, you as the instructor & us as your support team.
execute as a team
This is where you as the instructor, begin to execute the plan, and we're there to support you the entire way!
Kaery Dudenhofer with Massad Ayoob
“I’ve struggled for years to partner with someone who understands the firearm industry. Jeff & Bill have set me free to focus on the part of my business that I love!”
Kaery dudenhofer
TWAW Chapter Leader & Certified Instructor
Not your typical agency
Like most firearm instructors, you can feel lost or overwhelmed by all of the details and not know where to begin. Often, you may even be paralyzed on what your next step should be, because the industry is made up of so many ruthless ego's and critics, you may avoid doing anything at all…
We know what it feels like to put in the extra hours, after your family has gone to bed. Or to frantically prepare your course materials hours before the class, only to find that several students no-showed…

As fellow firearm instructors, we dealt with these exact same setbacks for a long time. We searched the internet for answers... Selected multiple companies over time for solutions, yet learned even more lessens the hard way

Most agencies didn’t understand the gun industry, our values, or our customers. They were overly eager to take our money, and produce no meaningful results.

Ultimately we created the solutions on our own, and we use them every day for other instructors just like us to Force Multiply!
“My wife cannot believe the difference in me since switching over to this solution. She told me the other night how relaxed and less anxious I am before each course. I smiled and told her it’s because I know exactly what to expect now.”
jay temple
Full Time Firearm Instructor
Straight Shooter Booth
tired of being misunderstood
Let's be honest. When you started out, you felt unstoppable. Full of energy and excited for every phone call, you replied to every email immediately, and looked forward to each training class you held. Everything felt like forward momentum…
But, as word spread, the mountain of details and follow up keep you up at night. You feel anxious and often don't know where to begin.

It doesn't have to stay that way...

As you begin to Force Multiply, and get off the X, a sense of control will set in...  Those feelings of burnout, or dropped balls, will be a thing of the past.  Through our community, you'll realize that you no longer have to go at it alone and you will create a business that works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You're not alone! In fact, we're building a community of other instructors who know exactly what you're going through…
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